Blackjack strategy

To become a skilled Blackjack player you have to learn the game strategies. Even if the strategies will not help you win you can at least try to decrease the house edge. As there are many variants of this game you can learn a strategy that suits to all types. For instance, the strategies for single deck Blackjack can differ from those of double deck Blackjack. You can also plan your own gaming strategy which will give you better chances.

You can find endless online strategies for black jack, pick one that you feel most comfortable with and learn it. But you have to know that you can’t use these charts when playing in a real casino while with online blackjack you can easily use them as a guide.

Here you can find a basic Blackjack strategy that can be applied to any game. Knowing this strategy will help you come up with a lower house edge. You can add advanced Blackjack strategies to this one and become a pro player.

So, after you receive the first cards you can do the following actions regarding each possible option:

  • If the dealer has 4-6 stand on 13
  • If the dealer has 2-5 stand with 12
  • When the dealer got a hand of 7 or above stand on 17
  • When you have a hand of 10 o11 and the dealer got less than that, then you should double
  • In case of aces or eights, you should split
Blackjack Strategy

These were the minimum steps in our Blackjack strategy guide, that you can take while playing.

Now, let’s see in which cases you need to double. When you have a hand of 2-7 and an Ace while the dealer has 5-6 you should double. Double in case you have with the dealer having 3-6.

You can learn not only playing strategies but betting strategies as well, which can be applied to multi deck blackjack as well as to single deck ones.

One of such betting strategies and the most popular one is the Martingale system. With this system, you have to increase the wager after each time you lose. Only after you win you need to reduce the betting amount and keep it like that. Another great betting strategy is the Manhattan one. With this one, you have to begin betting with 2 units when you win you will decrease the unit to one. If you win again you will start betting with 3 units and continue so until you lose and start betting again with 2 units.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack

If you want to learn what is card counting in Blackjack and how it works, then you are in the right place. Card counting is actually illegal while playing in real casinos, so when you get caught you will be banned from that casino. Sadly, you can’t count cards while playing online casino as it is ruled by a random figure generator. But you can use this system while playing with a live dealer.

To use this card counting strategy you need to give a value to each card. So cards from 7 to 9 will have a value of 0, cards 10-A will have a value of -1 and the rest of the cards will have the value of +1. You need to obtain the true count of the cards as most casinos use multiple decks of cards.

So, you will take the advantage in case of a high count, while with a low count the casino take the advantage.


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